is a Natural Day Spa situated in the most gorgeous country side, only a few minutes drive from Byron’s CBD.

After driving through the nature reserve of Skinners Shoot Road, you arrive at this stunning property where lovely country views, combined with the peaceful ambiance of a saltwater pool, create instant feelings of deep relaxation for all who enters this ‘BEST KEPT SECRET SPACE’ and then the treatments begin…


You can choose from the Best Massages in town:
- Swedish relaxation massage
- Deep-tissue massage
- Remedial massage
- Psychic massage
- Cranio-sacral massage
- Reiki massage, or a combination of the above.
Or your choice of Organic Facials and Detox scrubs, or Manicures and Pedicures.





Psychic Reading and Psychic Massages
In a the truth of your inner being, the wisdom of your higher self and the guidance of the Divine will be revealed.

Psychic Readings
Readings can help with:  Finding higher purposes and goal setting, bereavement or separation pain, relationship or career problems, unlived potential and creative expression, or just a spiritual tuning into your higher self.

Psychic Massages
In a psychic massage the underlying reason for persisting pain and aches and injuries are being tuned into and understood. There is a psychological reason for injuries and chronically pain. 

Psychic Development & Meditation Retreat 4 DAYS
No previous experience is needed, just a genuine interest in meditation, relaxation and the higher dimensions of intuition, trusting your higher self, inner awareness and becoming a channel for the Divine guidance.

Psychic Reading Retreat 6 DAYS
For those who are aware of being intuitive and who want to learn how to direct this gift so they can be of service of the Divine wisdom.

Psychic Massage Retreat 4 DAYS
This is ideal for people who already practice massage and want to learn about the deeper dimension of the psychological, emotional and spiritual reality of their clients.


Byron Bay NSW 2481 Phone: 0434 191 045

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